LPCC Rental Rates

Lyon Park is privately-owned by the residents of the Lyon Park neighborhood. It is not Arlington County property. 

Renters may bring in tents and inflatables if additional requirements are met. Permission must be stipulated in the contract and grounds preservation fees added to the rent. Grounds preservation fees are required to offset damage to the grounds.  Inflatables may only be rented from Arlington TEAM.  We do not allow any water features. No-one can erect a tent or inflatable in Lyon Park without renting the building at the same time.

Because paying renters normally also use the park itself, large parties may not set up in the park without also renting the building. Send any questions to rent@lyonpark.info.

NOTE rental periods include set up and cleanup unless stated otherwise below.

Monday-Thursday DAYTIME: 8am - 5pm

Four hour minimum rental period; includes set up and cleanup

$100 / hour

Monday – Thursday EVENING 6pm - 10pm

Four-hour minimum; includes set up; one hour cleanup until 11


Saturday, Sunday, Holiday WHOLE DAY: 8am - 10pm


Includes setup; one hour cleanup til 11


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday HALF DAY: 8am – 2:30pm OR 3:30 – 10 PM

8am – 2:30pm (INCLUDES set up and clean up; must be out by 2:30)


3:30 – 10 PM (Event must end by 10, cleanup until 11)


SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PARTY SLOTS Saturday, Sunday, Holiday 8:30am – 11:30am OR Noon – 3 PM
8:30am – 11:30am (INCLUDES set up and clean up; must be out by 11:30)
Noon – 3 PM (INCLUDES set up and clean up; must be out by 3:00)
  • For kids 10 and under
  • Limited to 40 people maximum including kids and adults
  • Can be booked no sooner than 2 months in advance
  • Parties of more than 40 people, longer than 3 hours, or for kids over 10, must rent at HALF DAY rate above

GROUNDS PRESERVATION FEE for Inflatables brought in

Permission must be stipulated in contract; renter can only rent inflatables from Arlington TEAM; no water features allowed.


$30 / inflatable

GROUNDS PRESERVATION FEE for tents erected in park

Permission must be stipulated in contract; must be within rental period; renter is responsible for making arrangements


$100 / floored
$30 / pole